Background removal is a popular service to e-commerce business owners and online shop owners. Background removal can be done in various ways. We are the image background removal service provider. It highly maintains the best quality image background removal service to the client. 

Background removal | image background removal service provider

Background removal is the technique. By which a subject in an image is separated from the background. the rest of the image is called Background Removal. A high-quality image background removal service provider is here. Cut-out of an image is means remove the background from images. A wide range of uses as it gets easy to mix. And match the image that is cut out with any desired background. 

Nowadays. It is being widely used by E-commerce industries. We provide an extremely easy way to cut a background image. 

image background removal service provider, background removal

Common uses of background removal

image background removal service provider

Removing the background from a photo helps to choose a photo. That has a distinct foreground/background.  Images with a lot of detail or patterns prove to be more complex to process accurately. Cut out the background from photos. That containing people or solid objects is a common use. And it generates fantastic results. We offer the best quality image background removal service provider.

  • Create product shots that are clean while maintaining consistency in a product catalog.
  • destructive the background from a logo so it can be re-purposed and used freely.
  • clip out a person or eyesore in the background.
  • Create a photo montage by removing the background from multiple photos.
  • Making images with transparent backgrounds is very practical for creating marketing material for businesses.

Reasons for choosing us

Clipping Path Legend is the best quality image background removal service provider.

  • Instant removal compound or complex background from photos
  • Easily separate the foreground from the background
  • Swap background
  • Create collage
  • Cutting out objects
  • Isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds
  • Remove background for eBay, Etsy, or Amazon listings
  • Set background to any color include transparent
  • Preparing pictures of products for online shops
  • All the image formats (PNG and JPG)
image background removal service provider

What is image background removal service?

Image background removal service is the Process of cut-out images from the background. It does with the help of Adobe Photoshop software. Sometimes images need isolating from the background. So Photoshop expert does it with the help of Photoshop. Designers remove the background of an image and also set a new background for the images. But designers do it as per clients’ demand. (CPL) Clipping path legend is one of the high-quality image background removal service provider. CPL has a well-organized team of Photoshop experts. Photoshop expert deals with image background removal service perfectly. There are some reasons for image background removal service provider.

Background removal service is most popular in E-commerce fields. Although image background removal service provider is not limited within e-commerce platforms. It is very popular on other platforms too. E-commerce product images look better in white background. A customer gets more attraction to a product in the white background than any other background. This is why e-commerce business owners prefer to upload their product photos with white background.

As the Clipping path Legend is the best image background removal service provider. We always give priority to the best quality background removal service. The team never compromises with the quality of services. Our first choice is the highest quality background removal service. And on-time service delivery. Background removal experts are habituated to working at the tied deadline with the high-quality service guarantee.  There is no doubt about the quality of our service.


Because we do three steps of quality check.

1. Quality control (QC) check for the quality work after designers completed the work.
2. The team leader checks the quality of work. When Quality control finishes checking for quality.
3. Once again Production manager checks the quality of work before delivering it to the client. 

Why Background removal Service is important?

Nowadays most of the business owners are leaning toward e-commerce. And when we think about e-commerce platforms. We must have to think about images. It is impossible to run an e-commerce business. So, e-commerce business owners need to take help from image background removal service provider. Clipping path legend is one of the reputed image background removal service provider.

E-commerce owners showcase the product images on their sites. And the customers visit e-commerce. When they choose the product, they order them online. Products look good in white background. Image background removal service provider does it. So, background removal service is important to eCommerce and other-platform

  • Sometimes it becomes impossible for Photographer to take a photo with the perfect background behind the product images. So, the Product photo looks dull because of the dull background. This is why Photographers need Photoshop experts to image background removal services.


  • Photographers use artificial light when they do product image Photoshoot. But, they may have to face problems with the lighting. It may be over lighting or it may be low lighting. Both of them are bed situation for Photographer. As a result, Product Photographs come out imperfectly. In this case, background removal service is important.


  • We can see dust, insects, or unwanted objects in some product images. The photographer fails to take a perfect product photo. And it happens unwillingly. But the Product image does not look good with unwanted objects or insects. IF photographer does background retouch. It is quite time-consuming and the image may not look natural.


  •  Most of the consumers want to see the product image on white background. But it is quite impossible for a Photographer to take product photography with pure white background. So, the image background removal service provider offers this service.

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