Everything You Wish to Know about Color Psychology

Color Psychology

Color influences human behaviors according to studies. Color psychology is study of influences of color on human behavior to a lesser or larger degrees. It is therefore quite obvious that color influences our lives although we are not quite aware of it. It is also know fact that color influences us in a variety of ways and this is more prominently seen when we taste our food while some colors attract opposite sexes.

Again, the influence of color depends upon age, gender and culture of population. It is seen that certain cultures prefer one or more colors over the rest as they tend to keep these hues as the defining moment of happiness and togetherness. Although this may be true to different cultures, color preferences over general population in specific cases are quite similar across the world.

Behavior Influences of Color and Marketing Techniques

In the world of intense economic competition there are perhaps no tool left unturned by commercial manufacturers and marketers. One of the areas that is still going strong and have space for further research studies is the area of color psychology. Here, color psychology offers enough scope for businesses to sell their products to end consumers depending upon their preference for certain colors.

Marketers therefore aim people depending upon their preferential colors either individually or collectively. They know as to what kind of individuals place orders depending upon color and which particular community has strong preference for certain colors. Even in case of religious communities too this is easily seen. For instance Muslim communities have greater preference for green color while Christians this may be black or white for Hindus a hue of yellow, saffron and red.

In the above context marketers may sell their products in such colored packages or have their own brand names prominently in such colors.

Colors for Attracting Customers

Colors for Attracting Customers

It is perhaps well known that manufacturers of consumer products try to entice people through their preference of color. Sometimes, this may be color combination yet in many cases like face powders this may be either white or pink. Similarly, colors enhance attraction and helps consumers to make instinctive decisions based on the same.

In case of medicines too it is usually seen that red, green, brown or any other dark colors tend to have stronger affect on patients than cooler colors. However, there may be some people that do not swing to colors as much as the marketers do. Thus, more studies in this area are needed as to whether in general people love certain color over others.

It is also seen that men in general prefer stronger colors while women love cooler colors yet there may be differences here too. For some people color makes them positively charged for the day.


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