Do you have a free trial offer?

Certainly we do have a free trial offer. We prefer to go with a free trial first so that our clients can judge our quality first. You can send us free trial up to two images for free of cost and if you are satisfied with the quality, we can think of a better business.

What is your starting price?

We are starting from only $0.45 for a basic edit like clipping path. But, we usually set a reasonable price after discussing with you.

Do you provide with rush hour services?

Our main strength is our well experienced designers. We have currently 25 DTP experts in the workplace and we can provide you with the best for your rush hours.

1. What are your file transfer methods?

Our preferable file transfer system is our own FTP. You can ask for an FTP account and we will give you the credentials. Also, you send us your files using some popular file sharing platform like Google drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

3. What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is less than 6 hours for a delivery of 100 images. But, if you want a faster delivery, we can discuss.

5. Is there any discount for bulk images?

Obviously. If you give us a bigger project with bulk images, we will give a discount on the total amount.

7. Which formats do you take?

We take any kind of image formats to process. From RAW images to JPG, PNG, TIFF, PNG we process every format and send you what you need.

2. How to use your FTP accounts?

We have a dedicated FTP server for our clients. After having an FTP account, you can upload your images using FileZilla, Fetch and Transmit for mac or WinSCP​ and let us know after uploading your files. Later we will upload the edited images in a separate folder over there.

4. What is the time for a quotation?

We get back to you as fast as possible and our average response time is 30 minutes maximum.

6. Do you take any charges for revisions?

We guarantee you unlimited revisions until you get fully satisfied. But, if the revisions need additional works, that may cost.

8. Do you have a moneyback guarantee?

Yes obviously, we guarantee you moneyback if you don’t find our services satisfactory.

Don’t get any?

Our support team will assist you