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Image masking service

Image Masking is basically a clipping path technique which is impressive for images with much difficult and rough edges. It removes the unwanted hairs/hair from an image. To be more specific, it hides some of the flaws that you do not want to get exposed and hampers the image. But, it certainly retains the original photo quality.

This is also a creative way to manipulate photos. When you remove the outside hairs or furs, the edited image must look far better than the previous original one.

Remove Unwanted Hair from Photo

Different types of image masking

Remove Unwanted Hair from Photo

Hair masking is usually applied for the images which have curves, thinner lines, soft edges, hairs, furs like images of hairy dolls, models, flesh, clothes, and furry animals.


Layer masking

Layer masking is something like hiding or revealing any part of an image. It also includes changing the opacity of various portions of the same image.


Different types of image masking

Clipping mask

To control the visibility or transparency of another layer clipping mask is applied. One supporting layer is placed at the bottom which performs actions on the other layer to change the visibility or transparency.

Alpha channel masking

This is a combination of clipping path and image masking. When you need to remove the background from an image and save it to another layer edit them later, Alpha Channel Masking is used that time.

Image Masking Service Clipping Path

As we know, image masking or remove unwanted hair form photos is basically a clipping path technique that is impressive for images with many difficult and rough edges. Image masking is also known as one kind of image background removal. For removing unwanted hair from images, we use the image masking technique. Image masking can be used in many ways. We offer the best image masking service. We have a special team of professionals to do this very difficult task. You don’t have to worry just try our image masking service and get tension free. We are also known as the best image masking service provider around the globe. We always take care of our customers with valuable time and privacy. We don’t use any automated service for image masking. We always take special care for each and every image no matter how many images you have.

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