Making A Photography Watermark Through Photoshop

A unique and distinctive watermark is a must for every photographer. Make your mark to make your mark on people with your photography! A watermark must be crisp yet shouldn’t be a highlight in the photograph. It is a great way to advertise your photography and get more clients.

Steps To make a watermark in Photoshop


With versatile software like Photoshop, you can use many different tools to make a watermark. To make a watermark in Photoshop, use the following steps-

1) Open a new document and resize it to the watermark size that you want on your photographs, use a suitable resolution as well.

2) Use a font of your choice and type out the text on your watermark.  For example, ClippingPathLegend

3) Using the marquee tool, create a box/rectangle around your text.

4) Choose a brush that you want with the design and pattern of your choice.

You can easily change the brush color or the other parameters like opacity.

Image Masking

Using these basic steps, you can create a sophisticated and elegant watermark design. Of course, you can always add more complex elements in your watermarks such as certain shapes or pictures or different brush strokes. But the process remains almost the same. You can create a whole array of different designs with the numerous brush patterns available in Photoshop. With the flexibility and versatility that Photoshop offers, almost anyone right from a beginner to a pro can use it to make great watermarks.

Editing photos perfectly is just as important as getting the perfect shot. Which is why every photographer needs to have good Photoshop skills. The good part is Photoshop is a software that’s simple enough for beginners and as well includes complex tools for more advanced users.

But of course, editing photos needs a lot of time and a skillful mastery. Not everyone would have that kind of time or resources at their expense. Which is where professional photo editing services come in. With professional photo editing services, you can ease the load of photo editing and work on the other parts of your business.

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