What is print design?

Print design is a graphic design process. Its end-product is a design in a digital form (such as psd, tif, indd etc) which then gets printed onto a material, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc. Print design, therefore, does not include the process of printing, producing hard copies of documents and other designs.

Print design involves following things-


Types of print design

Business cards design:

Business cards are a necessity in every type of business since they are an integral part of brand identity. In order to make connections and expand your circle of business partners (and potential clients), having one such masterfully designed card is a thing every business person needs to have. Business cards usually contain basic personal (business-related) information, such as name, job title, contact information, and, of course, company logo and/or slogan.

Banner design:

Banners are designed for the purposes of printing a personal or commercial message onto a piece of cloth, vinyl, tarp, and sometimes waterproof paper. They can be used for branding or promotional purposes, but also for celebrations and other private occasions. Naturally, they were first handwritten or -painted, but are now designed and printed digitally – even on the web, which speeds up the process and allows for a professional banner design service and top quality outcome.


Brochure and flyer design:

Companies often need brochure print design to present their providing services and products. Brochures often contain a logo, CTA and a website – masterfully designed together with an offer or some other advertising message.

Fliers (also spelled as flyers) are a pretty straightforward type of print material. Besides being one of the cheapest forms of advertising  which is usually printed on a piece of paper (A5 format or smaller).

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