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Clipping path legend is one of the best Outsourcing clipping paths and image editing service providers. Who have the best-experienced clipping path experts. We are located in Bangladesh. But we offer image editing services worldwide. Our regular clients are from the USA, UK and from European countries. Clients are very happy and satisfied with our services. Clipping path legend offers services on clipping path, background removal, photo retouch, jewelry photo retouch, shadow creating, and color correction. We are one the best clipping path service provider USA.


Available services, we offer for international clients.

  • Clipping path
  • Image editing
  • Background removal
  • Photo retouch
  • High-end photo retouch
  • Jewelry retouch
  • Color correction
  • Shadow creating


We are the highest quality online clipping path and Image editing service provider worldwide. Most of our regular clients are from The USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Clipping path legend is the best clipping path service provider company in 2021. Because It provider very high-quality image editing and clipping path services for a very reasonable cost. This is why Worldwide clients prefer to take our image editing services. Any image editing service you can get from us at a very reasonable price. But we are very strict about the high-quality services. High-quality service is the first priority of our company.


We do  3 steps quality check

We do 3 steps quality check. Photoshop experts do the image editing or clipping path. As they do the regular job. When designers have done it. It is sent to the quality control team. Quality control team check is for quality. They send it to the team leader / instant boss. Team leader checks for quality of work. And then the team leader sends it to the project manager. The project manager checks it for ensuring quality. Finally, it is sent to the client.


Professional Clipping path services

Clipping path is the basic and compulsory part in Image Editing Service that is created outline path around the product images or object. It is done to separate the product image/ object from it’s background. So that we can apply a solid white background against the product images. It gives a product image more attractive and more appealing to the customers. Every customer wants to see and prefers to see the product images in a solid white background. Because white background gives the product image a natural look.


So, the Clipping path service is a very important service in image editing. Clipping path service is the best way to separate the object from the background. We can separate any product image from any background with the help of the clipping path method. Any desired images can be removed or separated perfectly from the background using Photoshop clipping path. Photoshop pen tool is the most powerful tool in Image editing.


Background removal service

Background removal service provider

Image background removal service of an image is an important way to help the customers to select the targeted product among the hundreds of products. And the clipping path service is the mandatory step of any other image editing method to give it’s desired shape and structure.


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